Piper Archer II N8318Y

N8318Y is located at Creve Coeur Airport in hangar F-7.

Aircraft Maintenance Officer: Mark Turpin [email protected]

(314) 660-5800

Click here for 8318Y Weight and Balance Worksheet

Aircraft is in Hangar F-7, lock box code is 0220. Wheel positions are marked with blue tape.  The Archer position will always be in the front of the hangar. 

Please : Fuel to the tabs, approximately 34 Gallons useable.  If it’s a long trip, fuel up as needed before leaving and then to the tabs when you put it back in the hangar.

Oil and cleaning supplies are on shelving located in hangar. 

Please use spray and terry towels to clean bugs off leading edges.  Microfiber is provided for windscreen only. 

Please log usage of oil when checking the aircraft back in.  Min oil quantity is 4 and please only fill to 7.

Starter time limits are set at 10 seconds and 30 seconds cool down between start attempts, up to 3 tries and then a 2 minute cool down before repeating, If the engine does not start after 5 blade rotations, something is wrong, either not enough fuel (most likely) or possibly too much (flooded). Typically this Archer requires 4 primes (up to 10 primes when cold soaked) and fuel pump on for start when engine hasn’t been run in the last 90 minutes and fuel pump on with 3 primes if starting in less than 90 minutes. To prime, unlock primer, pull full aft and count to 2 or 3.  It sucks fuel very slowly so be patient.  Lock the primer in (push full in and rotate 180 degrees and pull to be sure it is locked).  Open the throttle only 1/4 inch or less. When cold you may need to “pump” the throttle full open and closed while cranking to get it to hit.  Turn fuel pump off after engine start, and back on before takeoff per standard procedure and checklist.  If flooded, follow manufacturers procedures in the POH guidance to start in a flooded condition. 

Please only use the Navigation position lights for night time (sunset to sunrise) and preflight checking as required.  Using the lights during the day will shorten the life of the bulbs and cost us more money and has no safety value as they are not bright enough to be an anti-collision defense.  We have been finding the seat belts not straightened for the next pilot.  The best way is to fastened the belts across the seat for ease of finding and utilizing the belts.  Please leave the aircraft neat and clean and how you would like to find it.

STL Aviators, Inc. By-Laws – Appendix A

11. Upon completion of a flight, the pilot must tidy up the aircraft. Waste paper and extra charts will be removed, seat belts will be straightened, etc. Wing front edge and front windshield shall be wiped clean using club detergents and cloth specific to those duties.  

No soft field landings allowed in this air craft.

The Archer is not outfitted with an EGT for leaning but rather a fuel flow indicator. Please consult the POH for proper fuel flow values for each power setting when using the fuel flow indicator for leaning. Also please keep an eye on the oil temperature gauge when leaning mixture.

This aircraft has wheel pants, so no movement through snow or ice conditions allowed. 

Basic Empty Weight (Aircraft with optional installed equipment, Unusable fuel, full oil and other operating fluids)

1627.9 LBS

Basic Empty Weight CG

86.26 IN

Basic Empty Weight Moment


Equipment CodesFAA/Domestic,,,,,,,,,/G

ICAO COM/NAV,,,,,,,,,,,,SBG

ICAO Surveillance…….CB2