Piper Archer II 9093K Information

Aircraft Maintenance Officer: Paul Getman

Email Me Call or Text 314-265-6078

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N9093K Weight and Balance Spread Sheet (Click Here)

N9093K Weight and Balance

Please : Fuel to the tabs, 32 Gallons useable.  If it’s a long trip, fuel up as needed before leaving and then to the tabs when you put it back in the hangar.

Aircraft is now in Hangar H9. The key is new, and is a little difficult to insert, but it does work fine. Wheel positions are marked for the forward position.  The Archer will always be positioned in the front of the hangar.  The other renters in the hangar are 4 owners of a Beech Sierra that has a position in the back corner of the hangar.  As always, use the utmost caution as the hangar is tight with the two aircraft and the furnishings. If for some reason you need to move the Sierra, the Sierra tail will not fit under the loft so it must go in the back left side of the hangar (left side if you are facing the planes from the main hangar door).  Do not attempt go under the loft with the tail of the Sierra.  The Archer tail will fit under the loft.  

Oil and cleaning supplies are located on black shelving at the left side of the hangar (on the left wall if you are facing from the main hangar door). Please use spray and terry towels to clean bugs off the leading edges.  Microfiber is provided for windscreen only.

When leaving the aircraft for the next pilot, please fasten the seatbelts across the seat (don’t leave them dangling), stow the shoulder harness and leave it neat and clean.

Do not leave the tow bar connected to the nose wheel unless you have a hand connected to it also. If you are walking away, remove the tow bar. We do not want prop damage or worse due to the risk of leaving it connected with engine start or flight.

Please log usage of oil when checking the aircraft back in.

*New Information*

We have experienced starter failure recently, possibly from over heating the starter.  The Archer is a little difficult to start (every plane has it’s own personality).  Starter time limits are now set at 10 seconds on 30 seconds off, up to 3 tries and then a 2 minute cool down.  If the engine does not start after 5 blade rotations, something is wrong, either not enough fuel or possibly too much (flooded).  Maintenance has advised for this Archer to use 3 to 4 good primes and fuel pump on for start when OAT is greater than 10 C and 5 to 10 times when less than 10 C. To prime, unlock primer, pull full aft and count to 4 or 5.  It sucks fuel very slowly so be patient.  Lock the primer in (push full in and rotate 180 degrees and pull to be sure it is locked).  Turn fuel pump off after engine start, and back on before takeoff per standard procedure and checklist.  If flooded, follow manufacturers procedures in the POH guidance to start in a flooded condition.