Please familiarize yourself with the new avionics before flight.

Cleaning Instructions: Please wipe the aircraft down when you get back from your flight.

Spray bottles, Terry towels, and microfibers are all on the located to the passenger side of the aircraft.  Please use the terry towels for the airframe and the microfiber for the Windscreen.

Please keep the oil contaminated towels separated from the towels that are just soiled.  As we will try to clean the soiled towels to keep costs down. 

Occasionally you may find that strobes do not activate on preflight,  strobes require 24 volts to activate and if battery is at all under 24 volts they will not activate.  Verify operation of strobes after startup looking for reflections off of rear by structures. 

Important contacts:

Aircraft Maintenance Officer: Bob Branham 314-565-7582 (Call or Text for urgent items, email for other) [email protected]

Club Safety Officer: Scott Lagle

Basic Empty Weight 1497.46 LBS

Basic Empty Weight CG 39.18768 IN

Empty Weight Moment 58403.24 IN/LBS

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